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This website is an online chat rooms with or without registration, we can create friends from around the globe. Enabled this free video chat space from 1 to 1 call.

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About Avchats

This online chat rooms is no1 chat internet interface for those who love to chat with strangers. Our chat room is one of the finest chat rooms in the chat globe. Online dating is fresh terms in the globe, individuals who feel lonely can create friendship with strangers. online chat rooms is a cool place to create friend’s internet without any restriction. Get new friends like social networks, random users.

Now there may have been a decrease in social networking for days because of the restriction. But we have plenty of choices to chat with your colleagues in our is a live chat space where you can chat with girls and boys. You can chat with strangers from all over the globe for India, USA, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia. Meet an unlimited lady or girl in our online chat rooms. This website is majorly designed for teenagers, not for children.

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Why Avchats?

In addition, we have plenty of choices to make 1 to 1 call to your chat partner in our online chat rooms and share videos, pictures, gifs, YouTube videos. New updated smiley packages for smooth discussion with your individuals. We've added regional FM players based on FM players who can appreciate the FM while chatting. Even if you leave the app, FM can operate.

No Login or Sign up:

Start chatting from now on and stop worrying about registering, sign-up, email verification, mobile verification process. We also feel that the guest login and registration produced the value of your time. You can enter the Nick name and join the chat room if you feel or lazy to enter a password name and blah blah thing.

All characteristics like video chat, audio chat text chat can be used by guest users to chat everything. The only thing that the user upgrade can't do is because of guest customers. A single click is your magical door to open unlimited chat user community. Now chatting with strangers without registering is very simple. So, we decided to offer customer login to the customer. Enjoy chatting without restriction and wit.

Chatroom Technology:

We used the recent technology in our chat room. Video chat is a WEBRTC technology that allows users to enjoy video chat without delay. We also produced the call function 1 to 1. If you like someone, you can call them like WhatsApp or Skype. Here, too, we allowed the voice note. Our online chat rooms is governed by very excellent administration.

You can send messages of voice to your loved ones. We have hosted the chat software in cloud servers because it should provide end customers with the fastest experience. Based on your discussion with your colleagues, you can use the updated smiley packages in our chat room.

Mobile Responsive:

Now in your hand the world of a day. Everything in mobile services and platforms. We've also built the mobile, responsive website and mobile apps in our online chat rooms, so because most people can chat with mobile phones only, most websites aren't mobile friendly so we're designed to make mobile friendly. You can use our chat room with mobile phone as well.

With the assistance of Google, fresh technology now makes it possible to construct portable responsive websites on the internet. It supports all types of mobile phones, tablets, systems of all types. supports all types of screen sizes and you are not needed to download any extra software to use our chat room. If you like, you can download our Android chat room app at google play store.

WEBRTC Chat Room:

Why do we choose WEBRTC technology? Currently the reason is that all online chat platforms are using ancient flash technology. In addition, we need to install the software to use chat rooms. We unblocked the flash less video chat space. The videos are streaming without any rapid experience delay. We can call 1 to 1 without delay

Audio Video Chat:

Now a day's video calling is a very important characteristic of all types of social networking websites. But many of the chatting websites did not unlock video chatting and calling. We unlocked the video and voice call on our website in our People can chat with friends who are already on their friends list.

Now you can appreciate HD video and voice calling from chat pages and applications. Our free voice calling feature enables individuals who are shy to talk to strangers. Simply tab the voice or video by tabbing the given button. We hope you will appreciate these fresh characteristics.

Modern Interface:

Yes, by using our internet chat space, we intended the very neat and clean, very stylish chat experience. By using our chat room, you can appreciate the quick and smooth experience. On present 2019, our two-chat software created using the recent technology.

Private Chat:

Most individuals like personal chat when you want to share something with your colleagues personally. Most individuals do private chat only in all types of government chats. The expressions, smiles, pictures, images, GIF's, YouTube videos can also be shared in private. No one can take part in your personal chat box. In addition, personal voice calls from personal video calls are accessible to convert.


We have a powerful chat space that is protected by administration and privacy. Hackers can't steal your data from our We use big numbers of servers to host our websites and the cloud flare technology used. Here the privacy of http’s is activated, your data is 100% safe and secure.


  • Please Don’t share your personal mobile number, Facebook ID, Gmail ID, Skype ID and other social network ID’s.
  • Don’t exchange Real Name and photos to other users.
  • You’re not allowed to put username same as admin, moderator and other user name.
  • You’re not allowed to post web links in our chat room.
  • Don’t use bad words and sexually explicit contents in our chat room.
  • Religion and community based discussion strictly not allowed.
  • Do not send bad pictures in private chat window and main lobby.
  • Respect other chat users, VIP, moderators and admins.
  • Do not post same message in main lobby.
  • Do not allowed other languages except English in our chat room.
  • Don’t drag the words Eg: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, helllooooooooooo.
  • Those who are not following the above rules, they are banned or kicked by room admins or moderators.
  • Chat Users can users can press the chat button.
  • Use drop down button to choose other chat rooms